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G'day, I'm Ken

Serial failure-ist and author of the new tongue-in-cheek guide,

How to Fail Fantastically

Everyone in the world has failed at something at some point in their lives. For many, failure is a daily occurrence. To help them and everyone who fears failure, my new self-help guide has been published that is aimed at getting people to open up and talk about the topic. You see, we shouldn’t fear failure, but embrace it.

The companion guide shows that failure is not this big, bad monster, but a major precursor to success.

Peppered with amusing illustrations and quotations throughout, the guide offers 11 steps to failure that reveal failure’s true value.

How to Fail Fantastically is essential for anyone aspiring to creative success! Available from leading bookstores (distributed by Woodslane Pty Ltd).

A real guide on how to fail by someone who really knows his stuff!

Ken talks with M2 Magazine about the art of Failing Fantastically

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Ken is a Sagittarius, 6ft 4, mesmerising blue eyes, striking complexion and unfortunately a compulsive fib-teller (5ft 5 and as ugly as a bucket of nails). No seriously, he is devilishly handsome, though you’d never know it to look at him, it’s an inner beauty. It’s all in there somewhere.

Ken has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years – from direct selling to writing ad copy for Australia’s leading newspapers. He is the founder of the popular blog and podcast, Reading with a chance of tacos.

Ken’s own writing has appeared in popular magazines, daily newspapers, online publications, children’s books and the corporate sector.

“And I’m only 35!”
He wishes.


Epic fail Ken Williams

(Probably best over the phone, he's a bit on the nose)

"Let's talk about failure and why it's so important!"

Contact: +61 0438 248 381 or

What really cool people are saying about Ken:

"Nice Legs!"

-Nobody says that.

"I always knew Ken was a first-class humourist and a talented writer but I had no idea he was also a philosopher and self-help guru. If orange is the new black, and 50 is the new 40, Ken has made failure the new success. And that’s got to be good for most of us."

– Nicolas Brasch, Writer and Festival Director

“The only thing worse than failing at all, is failing with mediocrity. Ken Williams has raised the bar for failure, encouraging us all to dig deep within ourselves and aim for failure so spectacular, we’d be tested for performance reducing substances. Forget about Robbins, Branson, Gates – anyone can roll-out a few clichéd tips on how to succeed, but Ken fearlessly treads where no man has dared before.”

Michael Muleta, Education CEO & international Sports Administrator.

Reading with a chance of tacos podcast


Check out Ken's podcast, Reading with a chance of Tacos.

Each episode, Ken chats with a prominent member of the children's book industry - from authors and illustrators, to publishers and book sellers - with tips and information on writing books for kids. 




Annabel's chewy gooey birthday cake



Ken's picture book Annabel's Chewy Gooey Birthday Cake was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards, 2015

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